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The Principle Of Shanghai Aggregate Shaping Impact Crusher Is Complex

Last Update:2020-05-12 09:10:15

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, it needs to be lubricated. At this time, it needs to use grease. Shanghai aggregate shaping impact crusher is one of the more common crushing equipment, the role of grease in its production is immeasurable, has a very important significance. Whether the performance of lubricating grease is in good condition and whether it is cleaned and replaced in time seriously affects the production efficiency of the equipment. So how to choose aggregate shaping anti breaking grease?

In fact, the principle of plastic impact breaking is not complicated. In production, most crushing equipment need to use grease. The rated speed of this grease is generally lower than that of thin oil lubrication, but it is very convenient to use. The quality of grease and the daily replacement and cleaning directly affect the normal operation of the bearing. Therefore, generally speaking, the bearing of Shanghai aggregate shaping impact crusher needs to be sealed, and the sealing form suitable for the crushing equipment should be selected.

In the production process of Shanghai aggregate shaping impact crusher, the viscosity of grease is also related to its overall production efficiency. Generally speaking, the higher the K value of the grease, the longer the service life of the whole equipment will be. Therefore, in the process of formal production, only by improving the viscosity of the grease under the working temperature, can the viscosity rate k value of the grease be increased, so that the production efficiency of aggregate shaping will be improved to a certain extent.

If the crushed materials are molybdenum ore, aluminum ore, etc., zl-4h synthetic lithium grease is generally used in the production of Shanghai aggregate shaping impact crusher. When crushing cement, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to the overall production process. In most cases, zfg-3 composite calcium based grease should be selected. At the same time, the working temperature of bearing should be kept below 150 ℃, so as to ensure the orderly production of aggregate shaping and impact breaking.

In the process of aggregate shaping and impact breaking, all users should pay attention to the selection of lubricating grease. Only selecting the grease suitable for the equipment itself can ensure the efficient operation of the bearing under the action of strong pressure, at the same time ensure the production efficiency of Shanghai aggregate shaping impact crusher, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, reduce the probability of equipment maintenance, and provide a powerful power source for the continuous development and growth of the enterprise.


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