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The Principle Of Large Disc Crusher Is Complex

Last Update:2020-05-13 01:16:25

Disc crusher is a kind of crusher developed on the basis of general crusher. Its unique structure can improve the processing capacity of crusher and reduce energy consumption, which is deeply loved and supported by modern users. It is necessary to understand the working principle and operation precautions of large-scale disc crusher. Here is an introduction for users.

The principle of the disc crusher is: after the materials enter the ore tank and the material box, they enter the buffer zone under the distribution of the motor, the reducer and the rotary distributor with drive. The distributor can ensure the stability of the materials in the crushing chamber; the swing of the moving cone can put pressure on the materials, and then some materials will enter the grinding chamber with the swing of the moving cone, and the crushing operation will be carried out. The material moves under the driving of the moving cone, which causes the material to be broken.

Next, I will introduce the operation precautions of the disc crusher for you. Before opening the crusher, first check whether the belt connected between the crusher and the motor is normal. If it is abnormal, replace it in time. Check the wearing condition of the vulnerable parts of the crusher. If it needs to be repaired, repair it in time. If it needs to be replaced, replace it. Don't be afraid of trouble or other factors and don't deal with it. You will regret the consequences. When replacing vulnerable parts, the user must contact the manufacturer for replacement.

When the equipment is in normal state, it can be officially started up. After starting up, let the disc crusher idle for ten minutes, and during this period, check whether the equipment has abnormal conditions such as heating or abnormal sound. If it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection in time, it can not be formally used for crushing operation until the problem is solved. When crushing materials, first of all, ensure that the characteristics of the materials are within the crushing range of the large-scale disc crusher, and evenly let the materials into the crushing chamber, and check the crushing quality and the particle size of the finished products during the crushing of materials, and adjust as soon as possible what needs to be adjusted. When the equipment operates normally for about 4 hours, it is necessary to check the temperature of the equipment bearing to see if it is within the normal range.


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