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The Price Of Shandong Crushing Machinery Factory Is High Or Low

Last Update:2020-05-10 06:55:54

Looking at the whole crusher Market, you can find that the prices of today's Shandong crushers are different, and even the prices of the same model are very different. Here, we remind users to be careful not to start blindly when purchasing. Many users like manufacturers report that the equipment will produce a lot of dust in the production process. The appearance of dust will not only harm the health of operators, but also pollute the environment. Below by Shandong crushing machinery factory for you to analyze the causes of dust in production.

1、 In the process of crushing materials, Shandong crushing machinery will enter the closed dust removal cover together with air in the falling process. The air contains a lot of dust, which will flow out through the gap and orifice on the cover wall, thus causing environmental pollution and endangering the health of operators. In addition, Shandong crushing machinery plant does not set proper dust removal point at the belt corner, which causes the dust remover work not to affect the dust. Therefore, the manufacturer must pay attention to this problem and adopt effective methods to improve it.

2、 The air leakage of the shell of the crushing machine in Shandong is also the main cause of the dust on the production site. In the actual production, when crushing dry materials, we should often forget to pour water at the inlet, and we must control the water quantity not too much, otherwise it will cause the bag paste bag and the discharge port of the bag filter to be blocked. Shandong crushing machinery plant said that in general, the bag type dust remover is intermittent dust removal, so when the dust remover works normally, there will be air leakage of the dividing wheel.

3、 When the dust enters the dust remover pipeline of Shandong crushing machinery, the dust is easy to wear and block the elbow part of the dust remover due to the larger resistance. If we use screw conveyor and grid wheel conveyor to collect dust, it will increase the loss and increase the workload of equipment maintenance. Shandong crushing machinery plant said that the dust removal system of the crusher needs to be further improved, and if not, it will not solve the problem of too much dust on the production site.

It can be seen that there are many reasons for too much dust on the production site of Shandong crushing machinery. It is suggested that users can understand these reasons and find corresponding solutions in the actual work, so as to reduce the dust. Finally, we remind the majority of users to choose the crusher with the ability of dust removal. Generally, the price of such Shandong crusher is relatively high. In order to clean the environment and the health of employees, we hope that users can choose such production equipment.


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