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The Price Of Model 69 Jaw Crusher Is High Or Low

Last Update:2020-05-01 08:10:44

Compared with other crushing equipment, 69 jaw crusher is a more traditional crushing equipment, and the general operating environment of this equipment is relatively poor, which requires the production technology of the equipment to be excellent, and the crushing capacity to meet certain requirements. When jaw crusher is in operation, the broken material block is generally large, while in actual production, 69 jaw crusher is generally overloaded, at this time, there are often some failures or production accidents. To solve these problems, let's take a look at common solutions.

In fact, the price of jaw crusher is different, but no matter what type of equipment, in the process of production, due to the huge production volume, the equipment is often overloaded, which is prone to danger, light will bring serious loss to the equipment, heavy will lead to the occurrence of personal safety accidents. Therefore, in the production process of model 69 jaw crusher, some effective protective measures are generally taken to strengthen the management of equipment and the guarantee of personal safety.

The strength of other parts of jaw crusher is generally high, but the strength of elbow plate is relatively low. In the production process of 69 jaw crusher, once the load of the materials in the elbow plate exceeds the production requirements, the internal pressure of the equipment will continue to increase, which eventually leads to the complete bursting of the body of 69 jaw crusher. At this time, it is necessary to shut down the machine in time, cut off the power supply, and cut off the handover machine at the same time, so as to avoid greater equipment damage.

Generally speaking, the calculation accuracy of the elbow plate of model 69 jaw crusher is very high, and the quantity can directly limit the performance of the equipment. However, in the real production, only by controlling the overload state, we can not be carefree and can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At this time, the spring friction clutch of 69 jaw crusher, as well as a series of hungry operations such as setting safety pins, are also used to carry out all-round overload protection for the equipment.

There are some differences in the price of jaw crusher. In the process of equipment production, some basic protective measures are often needed. In this way, the machine can be shut down in time at special time, and the power supply can be turned off to deal with the accident. Generally, this hydraulic protection device will be used as a protection measure, which will also play a great role in protecting the 69 jaw crusher itself, and ensure the stable and efficient operation of the equipment.


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