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The Price Of Large Industrial Crusher Is Affordable

Last Update:2020-05-04 13:10:53

The working principle of industrial crusher is to use steel hammers to impact raw materials at a high speed, so as to achieve the effect of object crushing. When opening the shell of crusher, people can find that there is a rotor in the middle of the crusher, which will rotate at a high speed, and generate a huge opposite force in the process of rotation, which will directly Used for raw materials, crushing raw materials, forming the effect of crushing. When the equipment is started, the rotor in the middle of the equipment changes back to automatic rotation, and a force will be generated during the rotation process. When the raw material is removed, the rotor will be affected by this force. When the force reaches a certain degree, the raw material will burst. After the raw material bursts, small pieces of raw materials will be formed under the rolling of the rotor. These raw materials mainly exist in the cavity of the equipment, and will Violent friction occurs on the inner wall of the wall, resulting in small debris.

The industrial crusher will transfer the formed debris to the bottom of the equipment, and the debris will be directly discharged from the machine through the discharge hole. The raw materials that are not completely broken will be subject to the secondary rapid hammering and rolling treatment of the rotor, and the whole crushing process will not be completed until these remaining materials are crushed to the size of the following sieve holes. The equipment is widely used for crushing raw materials. It can be used in cement, chemical industry, electric power and other industries to crush medium hardness raw materials.

Compared with other crushing equipment, industrial special crushing equipment has the following advantages: there is no dead zone in the equipment cavity, it can effectively improve the quantity of raw material transportation, produce high output, the equipment is very stable, the safety is very good, the maintenance is very simple, various accessories can be found easily Because of the simple structure of the equipment, general operators can disassemble the equipment for maintenance.


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