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The Parameters Of Pef900 × 1200 Jaw Crusher Are Complex

Last Update:2020-05-13 00:32:51

Jaw crusher is a kind of traditional crushing equipment, which has a great advantage in production, and its current popularity is still very high. However, in the process of production, pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher has different degrees of wear due to various reasons. At this time, it is necessary to timely maintain the equipment and replace the worn parts. Now let pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher manufacturers give us a detailed introduction of the basic maintenance methods of the equipment.

Pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher manufacturers suggest that when using the equipment, we must pay attention to the maintenance of some vulnerable parts, especially the axis, bearing bush and eccentric shaft of the equipment. If the shaft of jaw crusher is not seriously worn, it can be repaired in time at ordinary times. However, if the journal size of pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher is too much smaller than the original one during long-term operation, it needs to be replaced in time.

Generally speaking, pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher is mainly completed by impact load. For some basic parts such as bearing bush Babbitt alloy lining, the service life is generally 2 years, once more than 2 years, it needs to be re cast. Pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher manufacturer said that if the eccentric shaft and bearing bush of the equipment are seriously worn, it is necessary to replace new parts and adjust them to ensure the normal operation of production.

Once the Babbitt alloy on the bearing bush of jaw crusher is peeled or damaged, it is necessary to re cast pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher. At the same time, there are strict requirements for the quality of equipment bearing bush after processing. Generally, the following points should be achieved. The color of Babbitt alloy must be uniform without light color. According to pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher manufacturer, at the same time, its surface layer can not be doped with cracks, shrinkage cavities, etc.

For all users, pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher parameters need to be carefully understood, only in this way can we ensure the safe and efficient operation of production. At the same time, pef900 × 1200 jaw crusher manufacturers also said that they must do a good job in basic maintenance when the equipment is running, and regularly carry out comprehensive maintenance on the equipment, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the production line, reduce the failure rate of the production line, and increase the overall output.


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