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The Parameters Of Pe600x900 Crusher Are Complex

Last Update:2020-05-06 07:29:17

600 * 900 crusher is a kind of widely used crushing equipment in the current production. This kind of crusher has great advantages, its crushing force is large, and its operation is very simple, which can meet the various production needs of different users. In order to make the equipment meet the production requirements during production and extend the service life of the equipment more effectively, scientific and reasonable operation must be achieved during use. 600 * 900 crusher has many parameters. What are the operation precautions?

Before the official start-up of 600 * 900 crusher, it is necessary to conduct strict inspection on some parts of the equipment, motors, bolts, as well as the bolt connection parts of bearing pedestal and guard board. In case of any looseness, it is necessary to tighten them in time, and in case of any fault, it is necessary to report and solve it in time. In addition, the fixed parts of the equipment should also be inspected in time to see if there is looseness and fracture. After confirming that there is no fault or damage, the equipment can operate normally.

There are also many matters to be noted during operation. First, observe the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor of the 600 * 900 crusher from time to time. Generally speaking, it is normal to keep the normal temperature at about 60 ℃. If it is higher than 75 ℃, it is over standard. In this case, it is necessary to shut down the crusher immediately for comprehensive inspection until the cause is found. There are many parameters of 600 * 900 crusher, and it is easy to produce dust during production. It is necessary to seal all parts of the equipment strictly and install dust removal equipment.

How much is the pe600 * 900 crusher? This is a more common question asked by all users. In fact, when the equipment is running, do not open the warehouse door of the equipment for inspection, and do not carry out any cleaning and adjustment work when the equipment is running to prevent personal accidents. When 600 * 900 crusher is working, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive supervision on temperature, vibration amplitude and sound, and shut down the crusher in time for handling in case of any abnormality.

In fact, the parameters of 600 * 900 crusher are relatively complex. The above describes the precautions for equipment operation in detail. It is hoped that all operators should have a comprehensive understanding of these basic operation requirements and skills, and pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Only by doing these can the smooth operation of the 600 * 900 crusher be guaranteed, the failure rate be reduced and the working efficiency be very high.


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