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The Output Rate Of Bentonite Mill Is Getting Lower And Lower

Last Update:2020-05-04 03:19:11

As a kind of common grinding equipment, bentonite mill has been favored by the majority of users because of its low price, high productivity and other advantages. However, as a mechanical equipment, after a period of use, it will be found that the output will gradually reduce, which will have a huge impact on the benefit of users. So how to solve this problem makes many enterprises feel headache. Here are some effective ways to improve the powder yield of bentonite mill, hoping to help users. 1、 The bentonite mill can grind a variety of materials, but for different materials, there are certain differences in their properties and components. For example, when adjusting the air pressure and air volume, the materials with smaller density are larger than those with larger density. If it's too small, it's easy to block the material, resulting in the equipment can't operate normally; if it's too large, it will allow the material that is too coarse to pass the good screening, so it will be mixed into the finished material. 2、 The grinding capacity of bentonite mill mainly comes from the centrifugal force produced by the grinding roller when the main machine rotates. Therefore, the speed of the main machine will also have an impact on the grinding capacity. When the speed is too low, it is easy to have low powder yield and insufficient power. When the grinding roller is seriously worn or the transmission belt is too loose, the rotating speed of the driving shaft will also be unstable. 3、 When the conveying air duct of bentonite mill is blocked, the powder can not be transported normally, which leads to the decrease of output or even the phenomenon of no powder. In this case, we should stop the machine in time to dredge the pipeline. 4、 The blade is the part that transports the material to the grinding ring of grinding roller, but the blade, like the grinding ring of grinding roller, belongs to vulnerable parts, so it is easy to wear. If the blade is seriously worn, it will greatly affect the grinding efficiency. Therefore, the material with good wear resistance should be selected in the selection of blade material, and it should be checked regularly to ensure the grinding efficiency of bentonite grinding machine.


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