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The Outline Drawing Of Jaw Crusher Needs To Be Designed According To The Equipment Drawing

Last Update:2020-05-05 06:46:54

Before purchasing the equipment, consumers need to carefully check the drawing of jaw crusher, and have an overall understanding of the equipment through the drawing. On this basis, consumers can check the equipment to see if there is a problem with the equipment. If there is a problem with the equipment, consumers can repair the equipment according to the location of the parts on the drawing, eliminate the problem with the equipment, and make the equipment return to In the normal operation state, people can study the equipment according to the equipment raw materials and equipment pictures, so as to buy more suitable equipment.

The main component of the equipment is the crushing cavity. The cavity is mainly composed of the fixed panel and the movable panel. The fixed panel and the movable panel are required to have good wear-resistant materials. The excellent is to use manganese steel material, which has good wear-resistance, and can be used for a longer time. The two panels are mainly fixed by bolts. In order to achieve excellent crushing effect, both panels have passed through special procedures With special treatment, the wear-resistant performance is more outstanding. At the same time, there are fixed ripples on the panel, which can reduce the friction between the panel and raw materials, and ensure that the panel can be used for a longer time. The panel is an important part of the equipment. People need to check the panel regularly according to the pictures of jaw crusher. Once the panel is found to be worn, repair and maintenance should be carried out in time. If the area of wear is large, it should be repaired It is relatively large, so it is necessary to replace the new panel in time to avoid problems in the operation of the equipment.

According to the outline drawing of jaw crusher, the forces of the equipment acting on the raw materials can be divided into three kinds: extrusion force, bending force and shearing force. Under the action of these three forces, the raw materials in the equipment will soon become powder state. The cavity is an important part of the equipment, and both sides of the cavity are protected by special lining plates to isolate the raw materials and debris On the outside, in order to avoid the detritus of raw materials damaging the cavity, the lining plate often contacts the raw materials, which is easy to wear under the impact of raw materials. In this case, people also need to use manganese steel lining plate.


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