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The Manufacturer Of Slag Crusher Explains The Method Of Equipment Maintenance

Last Update:2020-05-12 09:37:58

The alternation of the old and the new is an eternal truth, which is true of all things in the world. Of course, water slag crushing equipment is no exception. The time for the crusher to reflect its self-worth is from the crusher to the end of its life. Is there any way to extend the service life of the equipment? Of course, that is scientific maintenance. No matter the equipment is at any stage, corresponding maintenance work should be done well. The slag crusher manufacturer will explain the equipment maintenance methods for you, and hope to help you.

Transfer and maintenance of slag crushing equipment. When the crusher needs to be transferred, the necessary maintenance work should be done before the equipment transfer. According to the technical condition of crusher and its own "health" condition, scientific and reasonable maintenance work can be carried out, and anticorrosion work can also be carried out. Many users don't pay attention to the transfer and maintenance of the equipment. They think that they should continue to work from one place to another anyway. It doesn't matter whether the equipment is maintained or not. In fact, this idea is wrong. The slag crusher manufacturer said that the maintenance work of the equipment is omnipresent. Only you sincerely treat the equipment, the equipment will create greater value for you.

Season change maintenance of slag crusher. When the crusher works in a place with great temperature change in the four seasons of the year, the user must do a good job in the maintenance of the season. Just like what kind of clothes people wear at what temperature, the equipment also has corresponding maintenance measures in different seasons. For the maintenance of slag crusher manufacturers in different seasons, the users should pay attention to the following points: the lubricating oil and fuel oil required in different seasons are generally different in winter and summer; in winter, users must take anti freezing measures to prevent the equipment from being frozen out.

Running in period maintenance of slag crushing equipment. Running in period maintenance is mainly for the new machine and the crusher after overhaul. When the new machine is installed successfully and the crusher is overhauled, the running in period maintenance measures shall be taken. During the walk in period, many of my friends heard this for the first time. It's quite strange. Generally speaking, the main work of running in period maintenance of equipment includes cleaning, fastening, adjusting and changing lubricating oil.


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