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The Manufacturer Of High Performance Hydraulic Cone Crusher Explains The Reason Of Loose Adjusting Ring

Last Update:2020-05-11 22:25:11

As a common crushing equipment, cone crusher is an ideal choice in many production fields. In fact, the working environment of the high-energy cone crusher is generally relatively bad, and in such a bad environment for a long time, it is inevitable that various problems will occur to the equipment, and the loose adjustment ring is a more common fault. For this reason, the operator should know the reason of the loose adjusting ring of the high-performance cone crusher, so as to check and maintain the cone crusher in time.

The manufacturer of high-energy hydraulic cone crusher introduces that there are many reasons for the looseness of adjusting ring in the process of cone breaking production. The first application is that the thread wear of supporting sleeve and adjusting sleeve is too serious. It should be noted that the support sleeve and bolt play a role in fixing the equipment, and once the cone crusher runs for a long time, there will be great vibration and wear between its parts and materials, which is very easy to cause bolt loosening. This must be checked in time, and the bolts and support sleeves must be replaced.

Generally, the workload of cone crusher is very large, which requires all operators to do a good job of equipment inspection. Generally speaking, the reason for the looseness of the adjusting ring is that the inclined iron key or the adjusting cap is not locked when locking, which requires the operator to conduct all-round inspection in time before the start-up of the high-performance cone crusher, and tighten it in time in case of looseness to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.

For the cone crusher, it is very common that there is a fault in the production process. For the high-performance cone crusher, the adjustment ring is loose. The general reason is that the ore discharge port of the equipment is too small or too large, or the thickness of the mortar wall and the crushing wall is too large. In view of these common reasons, all operators are required to do a good job in the maintenance and repair of the equipment, check the high-energy cone crusher in time, and remove the faults at any time if found.

The main reason for the looseness of the adjusting ring of the high performance cone crusher is the above several kinds. In the actual operation, all kinds of faults will occur. Therefore, all operators should be familiar with the basic structure and principle of the high-energy cone crusher, and strictly follow the production requirements during the production, so as to ensure the orderly production, reduce the failure rate, and effectively extend the service life of the cone crusher.


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