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The Manufacturer Of Gypsum Crushing Equipment Introduces The Rust Prevention And Removal Method For You

Last Update:2020-05-08 19:12:56

In general, when the gypsum crushing equipment is not used for a long time, the phenomenon of rust will appear. In view of this situation, many users think that small embroidery can not play a great role and will not cause certain impact and damage to the equipment, in fact, this is the wrong idea. It is not known that rust will affect the service life of gypsum crusher. The crusher manufacturer will introduce the rust prevention and removal methods of the equipment for you.

For the newly purchased gypsum crushing equipment, there must be protective paint. The protective paint applied on the outside of the equipment can well reduce the corrosion of water and air to the equipment. In the long-term use process, these protective paints will be damaged due to a variety of reasons, resulting in a certain degree of corrosion of gypsum crusher is also a very common phenomenon. However, in many special cases, some causes will lead to the acceleration of this corrosion phenomenon, which will cause some adverse effects and consequences on the normal use of the equipment.

In the use process, there will be rain and snow weather, we all know that gypsum crusher is generally working outdoors, and it is impossible to move into the house for production in the rain and snow weather. When the crusher is drenched by rain, there will be obvious signs of rust. If it is not treated, this phenomenon will become more and more serious, and will cause more serious consequences. For the corrosion of rainwater, the user shall make sure that the gypsum crushing equipment is not exposed to rainwater, that is to say, it shall not be caught by the rain. After being caught by the rain carelessly, the equipment shall be dried immediately after the rain stops.

In addition, during the storage of gypsum crushing equipment, some unreasonable storage methods will lead to equipment rust. In order to avoid or reduce the phenomenon of equipment rust, prior to the storage of the equipment, excelsior first unloads the main parts of the equipment, regularly adds grease to the shaft, and applies preservatives to the important parts of the gypsum crusher. Do not touch the ground directly to prevent the corrosion of moisture. Store the equipment in a dry place that can shield the wind and rain.


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