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The Maintenance Of Grinding Roller Of Bauxite Mill Cannot Be Ignored

Last Update:2020-05-13 08:37:28

As early as in the pre-Qin period, Han Feizi wrote that "the levee is a thousand feet long, and the nest is a mole of ants". He warned us not to ignore the things that we thought were unimportant in ordinary times. Although the roller of bauxite mill is made of wear-resistant material, we still need to pay attention to the maintenance of the roller. So what should we do at ordinary times? Next, the dawn of Zhengzhou will analyze for you. Customers who are familiar with the working principles of Raymond and the grinder all know that when the bauxite grinder processes the materials, it depends on the grinding of the grinding roller and the grinding ring to play a role, which means that as long as the bauxite grinder is working, the grinding roller of the bauxite grinder is consumed. Generally speaking, the roller of bauxite mill needs to be replaced after 800 hours of use. But the specific replacement time needs to be determined according to the use of each customer's bauxite mill. If the customer often processes materials with high hardness, the wear degree of the grinding roller must be relatively large, so the service life is shorter. At this time, it is necessary to timely replace the grinding roller according to the wear degree of the bauxite mill, so as not to affect the bauxite mill Capacity and finished product quality. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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