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The Jaw Crusher With Different Uses And Functions Needs Different Materials

Last Update:2020-05-04 07:36:48

This equipment is mainly used to process various raw materials with different hardness, and process these raw materials into powder like auxiliary materials. Therefore, the jaw crusher materials should be special wear-resistant materials. The two main parts of the equipment, the movable panel and the machine bracket, are the two parts with great wear, which will consume a lot every day. If the general materials are used to manufacture these two parts The use time of farmers' two parts will be greatly shortened, resulting in the use time of the equipment will also be greatly shortened. People want to extend the use time of the equipment, mainly to study the use time of the wear-resistant parts, so as to extend the use time of the main wear-resistant parts as much as possible. When the equipment is running, the movable panel and the machine support will bear a huge load. At the same time, there is a cyclic impact force acting on the two parts. The surface of the two parts is easy to crack. Once the surface cracks, the equipment will be completely scrapped. Therefore, manganese steel material is required for the two parts of the equipment, which has strong plasticity, good wear resistance and good performance The compressive properties can be used for a longer time.

The development of equipment has a long history. It has always been the necessary equipment in the construction industry, and it has become the equipment of enterprises in the construction industry for a relatively long time. Although there are many similar equipment in the market now, the status of this equipment is still very stable. No equipment can replace its position in the construction industry. With the continuous improvement and innovation of equipment, jaw type The crusher also has a variety of uses. In the past, it can only handle special raw materials, and has a very high demand for raw materials. Now it can handle most of the mineral raw materials, including many very hard raw materials.


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