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The Jaw Crusher For Coal Mine Needs Reasonable Maintenance After Normal Crushing Work

Last Update:2020-05-03 20:07:13

After purchasing the jaw crusher, many users are not familiar with the use and maintenance knowledge of the equipment, resulting in a variety of problems and failures in production, which has a huge impact on the normal operation of the jaw crusher used in coal mines. Once you don't understand the general knowledge of equipment maintenance, it will not only cause unnecessary troubles, but also seriously affect the production efficiency of jaw crusher. So how to maintain the common crushing equipment?

Once the jaw crusher operates normally, the material can be put into operation. When feeding, it is necessary to ensure that the materials are given evenly and not excessively. At the same time, it is not allowed to add materials on one side to prevent the load on one side of the coal jaw crusher from increasing too much and damaging the equipment. Once the feed is too much, it will easily lead to the blockage of the conveying pipeline of the jaw crusher, which will greatly affect the production efficiency of the production line, which must be paid attention to.

Under the normal operation of coal jaw crusher, the temperature of bearing should be observed in time. Generally speaking, the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 70 ℃, and the temperature difference should not be higher than 35 ℃. Once it is found that the temperature is too high, it is necessary to stop the vehicle for inspection and repair in time. In addition, when using the lubricating oil of the coal jaw crusher, the quality of the lubricating oil should also be guaranteed, so that the friction and damage of the parts of the coal jaw crusher can be realized during production, and the service life of the equipment can be extended.

The oil used in the jaw crusher shall also be clean and of high quality, and shall be replaced irregularly. Before the coal jaw crusher starts to operate, the lubricating oil needs to be injected into the middle of the thrust plate and the thrust plate support, so as to reduce the friction of the equipment and ensure the good operation environment of the equipment. At the same time, when working with jaw crusher in the coal mine, pay attention to listening. When hearing the abnormal sound, stop the crusher in time for maintenance. After the fault is rejected, start the crusher again for operation.

For the coal jaw crusher, it is not enough to know its basic operation rules. In the process of production, we need to know more about the maintenance of the equipment. This has been described in detail above. I hope that all operators can pay enough attention to the maintenance knowledge of jaw crusher used in coal mine, pay attention to regular maintenance at regular intervals at ordinary times, and remove faults in time to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher.


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