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The Introduction Of What Equipment To Use To Deal With Construction Waste

Last Update:2020-05-03 01:10:01

After sorting, removing or smashing, most of the construction waste can be reused as a good source of regeneration, such as: scrap steel bars, scrap iron wires, scrap wires and various scrap steel accessories and other metals. After sorting, concentration and recycling, they can be processed into various specifications of steel. Brick, stone, concrete and other wastes can replace sand after being crushed, which can be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, laying concrete cushion, etc., and can also be used for making building materials such as block, paving brick, lattice brick, etc. Since the construction waste has such a large profit, let's introduce what equipment is too used to deal with the construction waste:

Due to the concentrated stacking of construction waste, limited site and inconvenient traffic, it is recommended to select mobile crushing station. The mobile crushing station has the advantages of flexibility, strong mobility, saving a lot of capital construction and relocation costs. It can crush materials on site and move with the advance of raw material mining face, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. The mobile crushing station can be divided into tire mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crushing station according to different manufacturing processes.

Tire type mobile crushing station, also known as semi mobile crushing station, is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment developed and launched by Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., greatly expanding the concept of coarse crushing and fine crushing. Its design philosophy is to stand in the customer's position, take the elimination of the obstacles brought by the crushing site, environment, complex basic configuration and complex logistics as an important solution, through the integrated vehicle system, realize the flexible movement of the equipment, so as to realize the rapid and timely development of the crushing work, and save a lot of time and raw material transportation costs for the construction Use. In line with the new concept principle of "close handling" of materials, we will truly provide customers with simple, low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Crawler type mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing and screening equipment independently developed by liming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to meet the market demand and driven by full hydraulic system. It adopts self driving mode, technology and complete functions. Under any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the working site. Because there is no need for assembly time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the work site, which greatly saves time and provides work efficiency.

Liming heavy industry has a complete range of mobile crushing stations with a series of specifications. According to different crushing process requirements, it can form "crushing before screening" or "screening before crushing" processes. The crusher can be combined into two-stage screening system of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual requirements, or into three-stage screening system of coarse, medium and fine crushing, which has high flexibility and can meet the needs of different customers to a large extent Yes. At present, it has been widely used in mining, open-pit coal mining, construction waste treatment, earthwork engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction and other engineering operations. It is a good rock crushing and mineral material equipment. Liming heavy industry welcomes new and old customers to visit our company. For details, please contact our customer service personnel, or leave the contact information. Later, our staff will contact you within one working day, or call our staff at 0371-67997088.


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