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The Installation Dimension Of Jaw Crusher Shall Fully Conform To The Installation Principle And Process Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 06:52:49

The installation principle of jaw crusher refers to that the equipment adopts the curve movement type, mainly the extrusion mode, with high efficiency. The equipment adopts the driving belt, which is mainly driven by the motor. The equipment has wheels. The belt is driven by the wheel, and the equipment shaft drives the jaw to move, mainly vertical movement. When the movable plate rises, the equipment plate and jaw An included angle is formed between the ports. When the equipment is running, the included angle will continue to increase, so as to promote the movement of the movable board, so that the movable board and the fixed board are connected together, and the two boards are connected together.

The equipment process is relatively simple. The raw materials entering the equipment will be squeezed together by the strong extrusion pressure generated by the plate, and the raw materials will be crushed. If the movable plate moves downward, the angle between the elbow plate and the movable plate will become smaller. In the installation process of jaw crusher, the movable plate will be driven by the equipment rod and spring, and will quickly stay away from the fixed plate, between the movable plate and the fixed plate The crushed raw materials will be delivered to the bottom of the equipment and discharged from the bottom of the equipment.

There is a certain standard for the size of the equipment itself. People must carry out the assembly according to the installation size requirements of jaw crusher when assembling, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. This new type of crushing equipment is simple in structure, stable and reliable in operation. It can be used to crush raw materials with strong appearance. The equipment has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to the selection of mineral industry, building materials industry, and silicon salt industry. The raw materials used in these industries need to be crushed before they can be used normally. Therefore, the equipment market demand is very large and deep Popular with people.

The installation process of jaw crusher is relatively high. The horizontal plane and vertical plane of the machine shall be adjusted according to the requirements during the specific assembly. The adjustment range shall meet the requirements of the machine assembly system, and the assembly error shall be minimized to a very small range. The front inner wall plate of the machine shall be kept in a parallel state with the side inner wall plate. In addition, the fixed frame of the equipment shall be prepared in advance, generally It is a solid metal alloy casting fixed frame. The front fixed plate and the rear support seat of the equipment need to maintain a certain angle. In addition, the bolts of the front fixed plate and the rear support seat need to be tightened and fixed.


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