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The Influence Of Imported Jaw Crusher On The Development Of Local Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 20:28:58

In order to ensure the crushing efficiency of the production line, many enterprises are willing to expand the investment cost to buy the products of famous foreign brands such as American jaw crusher and German impact crusher. What is the impact of a large number of foreign crushers on the local crushing equipment? Let's see what the domestic crusher users think about the development direction of jaw crusher.

Jiangsu users: at present, the main advantages of the domestic jaw crusher are V-shaped structure and tooth shaped guard board. With the design of advanced hydraulic device, the crushing chamber is very clean. But there is a problem that the jaw crusher is difficult to achieve ultra-fine grinding or one-time grinding of materials. Therefore, it is suggested that the crusher manufacturers should learn from the development mode of jaw crusher abroad to optimize the overall shape, component shape and assembly design of each component. Whether it is to adjust the angle of the moving jaw plate and the fixed plate, or to adjust the curve of the crushing chamber, on the premise of ensuring the existing advantages, let the short plate of the jaw crusher disappear and become an ideal crushing process equipment.

Guangxi user: our company mainly deals with granite. We all know that the crushing process of high hardness materials has a particularly high wear on the machine, so my suggestion is to make a more detailed selection of the crusher material. Steel is the main raw material of jaw crusher. The jaw plate should be cast with high quality high manganese steel. In this way, in the process of granite crushing, our local equipment can also play the same advantages as the imported Hubei crushing equipment.

Anhui users: foreign crushing equipment, such as the U.S. jaw crusher, they do a particularly good job, that is, the maintenance of the crusher. The crushing task that the crusher needs to complete every day is very big. Once the maintenance and service of some users cannot keep up with the service life of the machine, it will be greatly reduced. We can learn some foreign technologies and add circulating lubricating oil circuit and cooling system to jaw crusher to reduce the cost of daily equipment maintenance.


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