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The Influence Of High Temperature On The Normal Operation Of Squirrel Cage Crusher And The Corresponding Solutions

Last Update:2020-05-02 08:08:44

For the application of mechanical equipment, it is impossible to distinguish the external temperature for seasonal application. All along, mechanical equipment is 24-hour working system, which is undoubtedly a great test for the quality of equipment. Especially in the face of hot summer, in the high-temperature environment, all kinds of mechanical equipment continue their own work. For the crusher which is frequently used in the industry, the hot summer may also affect its normal performance. The manufacturer of squirrel cage crusher points out that the performance advantage of crusher, especially some mechanical equipment with complex working principle, is very affected. Next, we take the squirrel cage crusher as an example to introduce it.

As for the influence of high temperature weather on cage crusher, the professional production personnel of cage crusher pointed out that the complex working principle of cage crusher will make the high temperature influence particularly obvious. The impact of high temperature in summer on the crusher equipment mainly lies in the fact that the aging of the circuit will lead to the cracking of the circuit skin due to the thermal expansion of the equipment metal in the high temperature condition in summer, which will never cause the damage of the circuit, and may also lead to the direct burning of the equipment, which may cause incalculable losses while affecting the normal use. At the same time, the impact of high temperature on the cage crusher is also reflected in the impact on the crusher's own accessories and equipment. The continuous high temperature in summer has a very high demand on the radiator accessories of the equipment. At the same time, the heat dissipation of the radiator greatly increases the workload, which will undoubtedly affect its service life and increase the industrial cost. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and efficient use of the equipment, we also suggest that consumers should not simply look at the price of the cage crusher, but should focus on the quality of the equipment, so as to ensure the efficient work in high temperature weather.

So, how to avoid the industrial inconvenience caused by squirrel cage crusher in high temperature weather? The manufacturer of squirrel cage crusher introduces the following methods for us. Firstly, during the production, the staff should regularly check the viscosity of lubricating oil to see whether it meets the specified requirements, and check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth. Secondly, check whether the wire, plug, oil pipe, screw and other parts of the compound crusher are aged and worn. Finally, the oil, dust and other impurities on the machine body should be cleaned in time. Only by maintaining the cleanliness of the machine body, can it be in an ideal production state.

As for the reasons why the high temperature weather will affect the work of squirrel cage crusher, what aspects and corresponding countermeasures are shown above, the professional production personnel of squirrel cage crusher manufacturer will make relevant introduction to this, and hope you can understand better purchase and use of squirrel cage crusher through comprehensive cognition, so as to guarantee better and higher efficiency demand.


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