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The Important Position Of Jaw Crusher In The Whole Sand Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-01 11:41:44

Jaw crusher is a very common and important kind of mine crushing equipment, so the serious competition is conceivable. Jaw crusher as a commonly used crushing equipment, the working environment is often worse, so it is necessary to understand the precautions during the installation of a jaw crusher, in order to prevent problems in the later work. Because the jaw crusher vibrates a lot when it is working, it should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce the vibration, noise and the impact on nearby buildings and structures, hardwood pad, rubber belt or other damping materials should be placed between the crusher and the concrete foundation.

A layer of metal plate shall be laid in the ore discharge tank of the foundation, and the angle of inclination shall be enough (it shall be determined according to the fluidity of the material, and shall not be less than 50 °) to avoid blocking the smooth discharge of the broken products. The size of discharge port shall be adjusted according to the required product size. When adjusting, loosen the T-bolt and tension spring. Use the jack bolt to open the adjustment seat, insert or remove the gasket of corresponding thickness, and then return the jack bolt. Under the action of the moving jaw weight, the adjustment seat is closely attached to the frame ear seat, and the gasket group is pressed together. After that, adjust the spring pre pressure to make sure that the thrust plate and the thrust plate pad are close together when the machine is working.

But the pre pressure should not be too large, as long as there is no knocking sound, then lock the adjusting seat. The movable jaw plate of jaw crusher is a part with serious jaw damage loss. It is necessary for us to understand its movement characteristics. In this way, we can have some positive help in daily maintenance, replacement of parts, or reduction of loss. When the jaw plate presses the material, the movable jaw plate should move downward with the material partially, which produces a kind of promoting material The material moves downward, thus speeding up the discharging speed and increasing the output. The practice shows that the output of complex swing jaw crusher is 20% - 30% higher than that of simple swing glume crusher of the same specification.

The horizontal swing of the upper part of the movable jaw is larger than that of the lower part, which makes the large materials easy to be broken in the upper part. The working area of the whole jaw plate is relatively uniform, which conforms to the crushing principle and is conducive to the uniformity of the working load of the jaw plate. Because the lower part of the movable jaw has a great downward vertical movement force during unloading, it can not only promote unloading, but also repeatedly turn over the broken products, reduce the long piece products, and unload the cube shaped blocks. In the complex swing jaw crusher, the material is not only crushed, chopped and broken, but also grinded, which increases the crushing force of the material and improves the production capacity. Due to the large vertical displacement of the movable jaw, the friction between the material and the jaw plate is intensified, which makes the jaw plate wear faster. At the same time, it aggravates the phenomenon of over comminution, so it produces more dust. When crushing materials, the movable jaw bears huge crushing force, part of which acts on the eccentric shaft and bearing, especially the large and complex oscillating force is very large. Therefore, the complex Oscillating Jaw crusher is usually made into medium and small ones. Because jaw crusher often deals with ores or other materials with high hardness and large particle size, the loss is large. If we understand the movement characteristics of movable jaw plate, we can reduce its loss and cost as much as possible.


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