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The Important But Not Easy To Notice Place Of Kaolin Mill In Use

Last Update:2020-05-01 08:47:57

Kaolin mill is based on the mill, absorbing the advanced grinding technology from abroad. It can be well applied to the grinding of more than 300 kinds of materials with moisture content less than 8% and mode hardness less than 9.3, which are non-metallic, non flammable and explosive. The main parts of the kaolin mill are the main machine, classifier, cyclone collector, fan, dust removal device, and other optional auxiliary equipment. Users can choose according to the actual situation. So when using the kaolin mill, what are the important but not easy to pay attention to? When we use the kaolin grinder, we have the following main attention details. I hope it can help the unknown friends: 1. When the kaolin grinder refuels the main shaft, the refuelling time is once per shift. If there is no loss of oil in the development oil cup during each use, or the loss is too slow, it indicates that the oil passage is blocked, and the oil passage needs to be cleaned in time to prevent serious wear or abnormal heating of the equipment due to the lack of lubrication. 2. When using the kaolin mill, pay attention to prevent the metal block from entering into the grinding chamber of the kaolin mill, otherwise it may cause serious wear and even damage to the grinding roller and ring of the kaolin mill. 3. When using the phosphate rock grinder, pay attention to the uniformity of the feeding, and do not add more or less in a short time or the particle size is too large. If too much material is added, the air duct will be blocked, which will not only reduce the output of the equipment, but even cause the motor of the equipment to burn down. 4. When we need different fineness when we use the kaolin mill equipment, we can adjust the analyzer on the top according to the size, hardness, water content, etc. of the material. It has high speed, high fineness, low speed and low fineness. Adjust according to the actual use needs.


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