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The Importance Of Correct Feeding Of Kaolin Mill In Operation

Last Update:2020-05-04 20:09:43

In the grinding operation of kaolin mill, it is necessary to feed the material before processing. In the process of feeding, the problems that need to be paid attention to are basically the same, that is, the nature and speed of feeding. Here we take the production process of the mill as an example to introduce the importance of feeding. In different production processes, the speed of feeding and the nature of feeding are different, but the consequences of these two aspects not meeting the production requirements are the same. For the production of the mill, if these two aspects do not meet the requirements, the consequences are the occurrence of faults and the decline of efficiency. The main situations are as follows: 1. The nature of feeding affects the nature of the mill Processing difficulty. If the nature is unreasonable and the processing difficulty is different in the production of grinding machine, then the wear caused by the equipment is different, and the efficiency of the equipment is different, and the quality of the finished product is different, so it can be seen how important it is for the screening of the feeding property; 2. When the feeding speed is feeding, we need to add the materials to the grinding machine continuously and evenly. The continuous is to The continuous production, even means that the speed cannot be large or small, and must meet the processing capacity of the equipment. If the speed is large, it is easy to block, and if the speed is small, it is easy to idle. No matter which phenomenon will inevitably affect the efficiency, so the speed setting must be reasonable. Therefore, no matter which of the two aspects of the nature and speed of the feed does not meet the requirements when the grinder is feeding, the production efficiency and the frequency of failure will change. Therefore, to ensure reasonable feeding can ensure the production effect. So how to ensure a reasonable feeding? This is related to the specific milling machine process. Generally, the appropriate production configuration is selected according to the production demand. Then, in the production line, the appropriate feeding properties are selected according to the processing capacity of the milling machine, and the appropriate feeding speed is selected. This selection and use of two pipes can ensure the smooth production process of the milling machine. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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