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The Function Of Fly Ash In Concrete

Last Update:2020-05-06 18:19:57

The function of fly ash in concrete. Resin fly ash concrete is a kind of concrete which is made of synthetic resin as cementitious material and sandstone as aggregate. In the resin fly ash concrete, All the resin components used as cementitious materials participate in the curing reaction, so there are no connected pores in the resin fly ash concrete. Compared with the ordinary concrete, the resin fly ash concrete has better durability and good mechanical properties. Its tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength are higher than the ordinary concrete, and its impact and wear resistance, frost resistance, impermeability and water resistance are better , good chemical corrosion resistance; second, the growth rate of strength is faster than that of ordinary cement concrete, which can be solidified at room temperature and low temperature, and the strength of 24 hours can reach 80% of the final strength; third, it has good adhesion with most materials, which is a good fast repair material. Although compared with ordinary cement concrete, the price of resin adhesive is relatively lower than basket, but the amount of adhesive is relatively less in resin fly ash concrete, so this kind of material has been widely valued and applied in practice. It is especially suitable for the projects with strong corrosivity and quick repair, such as waste treatment plant and electrolytic cell.

The resin fly ash concrete is dense without infiltration. The coal gangue and fly ash are used as aggregates and fillers to prepare resin fly ash concrete. The preparation of resin fly ash concrete with solid waste has obtained certain commercial application in the United States, Japan and Europe. There is no systematic development in this field in China, but some people have started this work, such as the development of hair inspection well cover components, PC Bridge sleepers, PC rain water castors and PC insulation materials. This study has absorbed some successful foreign countries from the perspective of environmental protection and energy conservation Based on the experience of engineering application, coal gangue and fly ash are used to replace natural sand to prepare resin fly ash concrete. So the cost of resin fly ash concrete can be reduced.


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