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The Failure Of Bentonite Mill In Operation Is Mostly Caused By Wear

Last Update:2020-05-10 03:56:57

In the production of bentonite grinding machine, professionals are needed to operate, maintain and maintain it, and the first thing is to know about the equipment. In this way, better performance can be achieved, because the device is composed of multiple accessories. There are also some vulnerable parts, so it is very necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance, and most of the failures of the equipment in daily work are caused by the wear of accessories. What are the specific failures? Let's share some common ones. Vibration is one of the faults of bentonite mill. When the equipment is in normal operation, large vibration may appear suddenly. In case of such abnormal situation, the machine shall be stopped immediately to check whether the anchor bolts of the equipment are loose, and whether there are hard impurities in the grinding chamber. These may cause vibration of the equipment. When the main machine is worn, the main shaft and transmission device will be worn, These are the causes of the vibration of the equipment. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the equipment before work. The outlet temperature of bentonite pulverizer is a concern of many manufacturers. When the outlet temperature of the equipment is too high, if the material of the bentonite mill is a chemical material, it is likely to have a chemical reaction, among which the common one is volatilization, oxidation, denaturation, discoloration, etc. Therefore, when the equipment has such problems, it is necessary to pay attention to them and check the source of the problems for effective solution. As a kind of bentonite grinding machine, it is inevitable to have slight vibration when it is working, especially for the crusher and pulverizer in the grinding production line, the grinding of materials is mainly realized by impact grinding. Therefore, vibration will inevitably occur when the equipment is working. This kind of vibration is regular movement, and the components of the equipment will also have regular movement. When the bentonite grinder is used for a period of time, it should be repaired and replaced regularly. In particular, the wearing parts of the equipment shall be replaced in time to ensure that the equipment can be grinded normally.


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