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The Crushing Ratio And Output Of Crusher Are Large

Last Update:2020-05-09 19:01:51

When it comes to crushers, I believe many people have the impression that this kind of crusher is needed in many modern production. The crushing ratio of crusher is very large, and there are many types of crusher. In the specific production, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment according to its own needs, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of production. Although the output of crusher is very large, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when operating. Let's take a look at these operation items.

First of all, all the owner's personnel need to obtain the crusher certificate. After a series of training and examination, they can operate the crusher equipment formally after they are fully qualified. In the process of operation, all drivers need to cooperate closely to complete the work of the whole production line, and tacit signal contact is needed to switch the equipment according to the requirements. The crushing ratio of the crusher is very large. During the operation, people other than the operators are not allowed to approach the crushing equipment to prevent personal safety accidents.

The crushing ratio of crusher is relatively large. Before starting, it is necessary to conduct no-load trial operation to see if the equipment is in fault, and then start the equipment completely after it is confirmed to be correct. The output of crusher varies. Once non crushing materials are found to enter into the equipment during the operation of crusher, it is necessary to shut down the crusher in time for cleaning. Do not force the crusher to operate, so as to avoid injury to the equipment or even danger.

During the operation of the crusher, people other than the staff are not allowed to go to the vicinity of the equipment. Once someone is found injured, it is necessary to stop the machine in time for medical treatment. Generally, the output of crusher is very large. In the process of crushing, once the equipment is stuck by some large stones or other sundries, it is necessary to shut down and take it out in time. It is forbidden to directly use hands to remove the size of crushing ratio of the decayed crusher. Once there is abnormal noise during operation, it is necessary to shut down and receive the front inspection.

All operators must get the crusher certificate before they can operate the equipment. There are many things to pay attention to during the operation of the crusher. Above for these common matters are discussed in detail, hope that all operators can pay attention to, according to the crusher crushing ratio to different strict operation equipment, to achieve safe, efficient and stable, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents.


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