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The Correct Operation Process Of Shenyang Reversible Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 16:42:01

In fact, many people don't know the reversible impact crusher very well, but this kind of crusher equipment has been widely used in many fields of production, such as mining, construction, metallurgy and other industries. However, in the actual production process of reversible impact crusher, many users did not follow the correct production steps, resulting in a variety of equipment problems. So what is the correct operation process of Shenyang reversible impact crusher?

When using Shenyang reversible impact crusher for production, first of all, the production line should be checked regularly to check the wearing condition of vulnerable parts inside the equipment. Once the wearing condition is found to be serious, the parts should be repaired or replaced in time. When working, the reversible impact crusher shall ensure that the tensile force of the transmission triangle belt of the crusher crushing equipment is appropriate. If it is too large or too small, the force may be uneven, affecting the production efficiency and the quality of the finished product.

During the operation of reversible impact breaking equipment, all operators should pay attention not to open the equipment at this time to observe the internal operation conditions, which is easy to lead to production accidents. Once it is found that the impeller is worn or does not rotate during operation, it is necessary to find professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair in time. Do not make and dismantle the impeller of Shenyang reversible impact crusher without permission, so as to avoid safety accidents.

In the process of operation of the production line of reversible impact crusher, it is generally necessary to add lubricating oil to the equipment in time after working for 400 hours, so as to ensure the friction between the equipment and materials is reduced and the equipment can operate more smoothly. Shenyang reversible impact crusher needs to clean and decontaminate the bearings after 2000 hours of operation. Once the working time exceeds 7000 hours, it needs to replace the new bearings in time to ensure the efficient and fast operation of the equipment.

Reversible impact crusher can be said to be widely used in the current production, but in the specific production, all users should be familiar with the basic structure and principle of the equipment and how to operate it correctly, familiar with every link of the equipment operation. In addition, it should be able to simply repair the common breakdown of the reversible impact crusher, so that it can not only continuously improve its ability, but also solve the equipment breakdown in time, and win more production benefits for the enterprise.


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