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The Concrete Function And Principle Of Stone Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-08 15:11:48

The stone impact breaking is an important step of secondary crushing in the beneficiation process. In the whole beneficiation process, the material can only reach the required size after several times of crushing, so the whole beneficiation process is extremely complex, and the types of beneficiation are different. There are 12 impact breaking stones, grinding equipment, screening and grading equipment, washing equipment, magnetic separation equipment, etc According to different kinds of mines, there are different types. Today, I'd like to talk about this kind of crushing equipment for fighting against broken stones.

In the whole process of stone impact breaking, different crushing equipment should be selected because of the size of materials at the beginning and the size of the required finished materials. The different principle and structure of the crusher determine the different crushing products. For example, the hammer crusher uses the constant high-speed impact and low-speed rolling of the hammer head to crush the materials in the crushing process. 12 the structure of the impact stone is relatively simple, and the crushing is relatively large. More importantly, the hammer head of the hammer crusher plays an important role, which will cause damage. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance in the production to extend the impact stone crushing Service time of hammer head.

Let's talk about 12 counter attack broken stones. Generally, counter attack broken stones are used as secondary crushing, but this is also flexible. If the customer wants to directly crush them, it is also allowed. Today, it mainly talks about playing a huge role as secondary crushing. First of all, it is divided into two types: PF and PFV, both of which are crushing equipment using impact energy to crush materials.

After the first level crushing, the materials enter the stone impact crusher bin, the materials are impacted by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer, and the crushed materials will be continuously thrown to the impact device installed above the rotor to be broken, and then bounce back from the impact lining plate to the impact area of the plate hammer to be attacked again, so that the materials of different sizes are loaded in different impact chambers, and after entering the impact bin, the materials will be Only when it is broken into standard size can it break 12 pieces of broken stone.

In the production process, it also has many problems. Because of the high-speed operation of the bearing, the temperature will be too high, and the stone will make a knocking sound when the stone breaks back. In view of these problems, we have the following better suggestions: stop working in the middle and clean up the broken stone, and check the fastening of the lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the lining plate to replace the fracture in time To ensure the normal operation.


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