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The Concept Of Environmental Protection Promotes Shanxi Coal E Crusher To Go On The Road Of Clean Crushing

Last Update:2020-05-01 18:46:42

As the name implies, the coal jaw crusher is only used for coal crushing equipment. Raw coal blocks are mined and processed into coal blocks of various sizes by crushers, which can be used in all aspects of production, such as fuel for thermal power, heating, metallurgy, chemistry, etc., or useful substances can be extracted for rubber, paint, dye, medicine, explosive. Coal crushing is not only conducive to full combustion, but also conducive to accelerating the reaction and extracting useful substances from coal. Therefore, whether in the open-pit coal mining and production base, or in the production line of the plant, the demand for coal crushing is growing with the development of industry.

At the same time of coal crushing, it also causes various environmental problems. For example, in Shanxi Province, a major coal producing province in China, through the investigation of relevant departments, we know that there are various problems in the Shanxi e crusher used in most of the coal mines. The environment of the crushing site can be said to be dirty, disordered, poor and full of dust. Because the noise and vibration amplitude of large-scale equipment are relatively large, and the sealing performance of the old jaw crusher is reduced, it can be said that in the rumbling sound, the coal and pulverized coal are in line. This causes great pollution to the surrounding environment. A large number of pulverized coal is inhaled into the body by operators and nearby residents, which will cause serious lung disease. Moreover, a large number of pulverized coal flying in the air also causes a great waste of resources. To solve this environmental problem, energy conservation and environmental protection are the key.

The government is also more and more aware of the global energy and environmental crisis caused by the extensive development mode with high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency. Therefore, the government starts to vigorously support the economic development mode of energy conservation and environmental protection from relevant industry policies, and points out that strong technical support is the necessary condition for energy conservation and environmental protection of E-crusher. At present, relevant parties are improving the industrial chain of jaw crusher, combining with the continuous development of the industry's crushing demand, improving technological innovation and improving the ability of independent development; at the same time, many enterprises have begun to introduce foreign advanced production technology and experience, research and development and production of high-quality and environmental protection type crushing equipment, and many advanced medium-sized jaw crushers have stepped into the industry's "clean crushing" The road.


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