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The Collision Between Portland Cement And Concrete

Last Update:2020-05-11 00:19:24

1. The mix of Portland cement and concrete can improve the performance of concrete. Portland cement is widely used as cementitious material in concrete, which can significantly improve the performance of concrete. It can be the coagulant of high strength concrete and prestressed concrete engineering, the antifreeze suitable for repeated freeze-thaw circulating concrete engineering in the range of water level rise and fall in severe cold area, the anti carbonation agent suitable for the foundry workshop with high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, and the large area used for Subgrade Engineering in dry environment due to its good wear resistance and dry reduction.

2. Portland cement and concrete with a full range of varieties show their strengths. On the basis of Portland cement, the ordinary portland cement, slag Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement and so on can be derived by adding different kinds and amounts of mixed materials, which can be applied in different occasions according to different properties.

Slag Portland cement is a kind of hydraulic cementitious material which is made of Portland cement clinker, 20-70% granulated blast furnace slag and a certain amount of gypsum. It is a kind of cement with large output in China at present. It has light color, small proportion, low hydration heat, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It can be used in various concrete projects on the ground, underground and in water, as well as in the construction of high temperature workshop.

Fly ash Portland cement is a kind of hydraulic cementitious material, which is made of Portland cement clinker, 20-40% fly ash and a certain amount of gypsum. It not only has the characteristics of pozzolanic Portland cement, such as large later strength enhancement rate, low hydration heat, but also has the properties of low water demand and dry shrinkage, good workability, crack resistance and sulfate corrosion resistance. It is not only suitable for large-scale hydraulic structures, but also for general industrial and civil buildings.

With the continuous progress and development of Portland cement industry technology, the concrete mix proportion is more economic and reasonable, which not only significantly improves the project quality, but also improves the controllability of concrete construction on site. In the future, we will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of cement varieties as the main theme of development, and use market forces to promote the continuous upgrading of products.


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