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The Cause Of The Abnormal Wear Of The Accessories Of The Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-06 00:11:44

Superfine grinding machine is a kind of grinding equipment based on Raymond's grinding machine. The ultra-fine grinding machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, environmental protection and energy saving, high powder forming rate, and is favored by the majority of users. Recently, I heard that a friend said that the wear of the parts of the superfine grinding machine is abnormal when it is working. Here is a brief analysis of how the abnormal wear of the parts happened and how to solve it. Generally speaking, the performance of the superfine grinding machine mainly depends on the parts. When the wear of the parts is too serious, it will affect the production efficiency of the whole production line, and when it is serious, it needs to be stopped for maintenance. The wearing parts of ultra-fine grinding mainly include grinding roller, grinding ring and blade, etc. when purchasing, the user should consult the relevant manufacturers first, and what parts of the equipment are easy to wear, so that more such parts can be equipped. In addition, when purchasing accessories, the quality of components shall be checked. For vulnerable parts, they are generally made of high chromium or high manganese materials, which greatly reduces the wear rate. In order to reduce the wear of ultra-fine grinding accessories, first of all, maintain the degree of accessories of the European version of the grinder. If the lubricating grease is insufficient, it will also aggravate the wear of accessories. When using the European version of the grinder, we should first add a proper amount of lubricating grease, so as to ensure the smooth effect of the gear, so as to use it for a longer time. When operating the equipment, the lubricating oil shall be added in strict accordance with the use instructions, and the maintenance work of the equipment shall be done regularly to ensure that the superfine grinding machine is produced in a suitable working environment, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.


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