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The Bearing Material Of Shanghai Shibang Jaw Crusher Is Good

Last Update:2020-05-13 13:00:35

Jaw crusher is a kind of crusher widely used in production. On the crusher, Du Hui is usually supported by an external swing bar, which is mainly used to replace the elbow plate. At the same time, the swing bar can be reasonably placed outside the bearing frame of jaw crusher by adding hanging shafts on both sides of the moving jaw. The movable jaw hanging shaft is generally supported in the sliding bearing on the swing rod, so what are the advantages of the movable jaw swing rod support? Please see the detailed introduction below.

The price of Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher is relatively reasonable. Generally speaking, the function of external swing bar support is to gradually turn the original rotary pair between the elbow plate and the elbow plate seat into a closed rotary pair, which can effectively avoid crushing and dust entering. This design not only protects the equipment from overheating, but also avoids excessive wear of the equipment, prolongs the service life of the jaw crusher, and improves the lubrication.

In fact, the swing rod of the jaw crusher has a certain limit function. In production, it can effectively overcome the tilting moment and the inertia force caused by the continuous operation of the moving jaw, so that there is no need for the spring tension device to limit the position. The bearing installation of jaw crusher is very strict, and the hanging shaft of movable jaw is generally installed on the side plate of movable jaw, so that the moving track of movable jaw can be selected by combining the properties of materials.

At present, many jaw crusher manufacturers use the method of external movable jaw support, which can well avoid the invasion of dust in production, reduce the wear and damage of equipment, and become more flexible for the selection of lubrication mode. The price of Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher is different. The general jaw crusher is supported by external swing bar, which can not only reduce the friction between vulnerable parts and materials, but also improve the overall production line operation efficiency.

The bearing of jaw crusher is a part of it. The advantages of swing rod support of moving jaw have been introduced in detail. For all operators, when selecting equipment, they should make overall planning according to the properties and hardness of production materials, so as to ensure the improvement of production efficiency and reduce the occurrence of production failure while purchasing the ideal jaw crusher.


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