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Tangshan Crusher Manufacturer Explains In Detail How To Reduce The Wear Of Jaw Crusher In The Production Process

Last Update:2020-05-11 08:36:41

Energy problem has always been a major problem in national construction, especially in recent years, energy shortage is serious, which makes energy saving and high efficiency put on the agenda. Crusher, a key equipment for the development and use of new energy, is widely used in Tangshan and even in the whole country. Tangshan, as one of the modern emerging cities, needs sufficient energy supply for its rapid development and construction. As a result, Tangshan crusher equipment is emerging in an endless stream, and various types of crusher equipment are everywhere. So for Tangshan crusher, we make the following related introduction:

First of all, Tangshan jaw crusher manufacturers pointed out that the national attention will make Tangshan crusher industry develop healthily and rapidly. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of national regulation and control policies, the problems related to people's livelihood are in the priority position. The solution of these problems is bound to promote the development of the field of crusher equipment, which is due to their need for raw materials. Tangshan crusher equipment can meet the requirements of different sizes of sand and stone in the construction process. The size of sand and stone is uniform, and some equipment after crushing sand and stone The grain shape is very good, such as impact crusher and jaw crusher, which are all advantages compared with natural sand. Moreover, the natural sand and stone resources are constantly reducing, which requires artificial sand supply. With the promotion of sustainable development, environmental protection has also become one of the focuses of various industries. In the face of the continuous expansion of sand demand in various industries, environmental protection has become more and more important. It is inevitable to make sand through the mining machinery and equipment industry.

So, how can we produce better equipment and extend the service life of the equipment to meet the needs of powerful equipment? Jaw crusher is a big and common type of crusher. Tangshan jaw crusher manufacturer points out that in this case, many crusher manufacturers are racking their brains to find various ways to reduce the friction of the equipment. Over the years, according to the development of Tangshan crusher industry, this paper summarizes the relevant skills to reduce the friction in the operation of crusher: crusher pair Moving parts are lubricated to reduce friction, stress, and heat. Oil, grease, and synthetic agents are more commonly used. Each kind of lubricant has its own functions and uses. The motion between two moving parts determines the choice of lubricant type. The distribution of lubricants also determines the selection of the system. In the working process of the crusher, an oil groove is enough to deliver the required amount of lubricants to the moving surfaces of the low-speed moving parts.


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