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Structure Characteristics And Application Of Pf1315 Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 09:01:26

Because of its wide range of material hardness, impact crusher is widely used in many fields, so we can see the working scene of impact crusher in many production sites. In these production lines with different production capacity, the models of impact crusher are also different, such as 1315 impact crusher, 1214 impact crusher, etc. Let's take 1315 impact crusher as an example to introduce the application and structural characteristics of impact crusher.

1315 impact crusher uses impact kinetic energy to break materials along the joint surface, and the output material is in a uniform cube shape. After entering the crushing cavity between the impact plate and the rotor, the bulk material obtains kinetic energy by the rotation of the rotor part, repeatedly impacts between the impact plate and the rotor, and is broken step by step through the front stage impact cavity, the second stage impact cavity and the bottom grinding cavity, respectively, to achieve the required discharge particle size.

Finally, a plate hammer with a certain height is fixed on the circumference of the rotor. The material block falling on the rotor is impacted by the high-speed rotating plate hammer. After obtaining the kinetic energy, it impacts the impact plate at a high speed, then bounces back from the impact plate, and collides with the material thrown out by the rotor in the crushing area. The space composed of screen, rotor, reaction plate and chain curtain is called front impact zone; the space composed of reaction plate and rotor is the second impact zone. After multiple impact crushing, the material reaches the required particle size.


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