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Structural Features Of Vsi Series High Efficiency Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 18:00:58

In today's society, the work and production of various industries are inseparable from various basic materials, so the crushing equipment plays a very critical role at this time. The structure design of vertical shaft impact crusher is relatively unique, and it has obvious advantages in crushing operation. In addition to the traditional feeding, crushing and discharging, the structure of Bamako vertical impact crusher is designed to meet the needs of multiple production lines. The use of VSI series efficient vertical impact crusher will be adjusted according to different production lines.

Vertical shaft impact crusher is a new kind of high energy and low consumption impact crusher, which plays an irreplaceable role in the fine ore crushing line of Bamako. Compared with the traditional crushing equipment, vertical shaft impact crusher is one of the gravel equipment with ideal production efficiency at present. VSI series high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher can complete the crushing and shaping work well on the boring of crushing, whether it is soft, medium hard or extremely hard materials, and can adapt to the crushing work of minerals, construction residues, glass and other industries, especially for the production efficiency of vertical shaft impact crusher for silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, magnesia and other materials Wave well.

Bamakelli shaft impact crusher is a kind of high-efficiency gravel equipment with domestic, international and leading level developed by introducing the well-known principle and technology of "stone crushing" crusher of bamakel company in the United States. It is widely used in all kinds of rocks, abrasives, etc. In terms of functional structure, the bamakelli shaft impact crusher has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient and the operation cost is controllable.

In terms of product characteristics, VSI series high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher has strong ability to pass through non broken materials, and is less affected by the moisture content of materials, with moisture content up to 8%. The products produced by VSI series high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher have excellent particle shape, cubic shape, very low needle sheet content, and are suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand making and high-grade highway aggregate production. The vertical shaft impact crusher has the outstanding characteristics of light weight, high output, wear and tear, energy saving and consumption reduction, and obvious environmental protection advantages. The sand and stone aggregate products produced by the crusher have scientific and reasonable grading, good particle shape, few needle and flake, and fully meet the national sand and stone technical quality standards.

Bamako shaft impact crusher is the product of the development of the crushing equipment market. Only by persistently adapting to the constant changes of the market, can the vertical shaft impact crusher stand out in the market, and at the same time will promote the continuous progress of the industry. I believe that in the future, the structural design of Bamako shaft impact crusher will be more reasonable, more intelligent and humanized.


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