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Start With The Main Components

Last Update:2020-05-05 12:13:50

After decades of development, the impact crusher has experienced several changes in technical level and crushing technology, which has promoted the development of China's mining industry. At present, the impact crusher has become the ideal crushing equipment for aggregate production and ore mining in China. What are the competitive advantages of the impact crusher structure? We start from the main parts of the equipment to uncover the mystery of the powerful crushing capacity.

As we all know, the rotor diameter has a direct impact on the crushing ratio of the impact crusher. The main components of the rotor part are hammer, shaft, rotary table, pulley, flywheel and bearing seat. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the feed port, the transmission force of the rotor drives the plate hammer to impact the material from the bottom to the top. The strong impact force throws the material onto the impact plate, forming a secondary crushing process, which is the working principle of impact breaking.

The impact plate is to cooperate with the rotor part to complete the crushing process of the material. Due to the large impact force of the hammer, long-term collision will cause great wear to the impact plate. The impact surface of the impact plate inside the arc-shaped lining plate is arc-shaped, and the impact surface of the impact plate inside the inclined lining plate is linear. This is a very unique design concept in the structure of impact fracture, which can effectively reduce the stress surface of impact plate, reduce the wear of equipment, and extend the service life.

In recent years, the adjustment device is one aspect of the breakthrough in the technical transformation of the impact crusher, that is, we often say that the equipment is intelligent, by adjusting the technical parameters of parts to affect the particle size of the material. According to the actual production needs, the drive scheme of impact breaking will be adjusted manually, such as reducing or improving the impact plate breaking effect by changing the impact plate tilt angle, adjusting the size of the discharge port by the automatic hydraulic device, etc.


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