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Specifications Models And Maintenance Details

Last Update:2020-05-09 08:08:49

Impact breaking is the third production process in the sand production line, so the impact breaking specification determines the quality of the whole sand production process. In order to ensure the normal operation and long-term stable operation of the equipment, no matter what kind of anti burst model, all the anti burst series need regular maintenance by users.

After more than 50 years of practice and summary, the impact breaking series vigorously advocates the new process of "more crushing and less grinding", that is, reducing the final particle size of the broken products, increasing the content of fine particles in the broken products, so as to improve the processing capacity of the mill, achieve the purpose of reducing power consumption and metal consumption, reducing costs and increasing economic benefits. The impact breaking series with large crushing ratio and energy saving has always been It is one of the goals in the field of fragmentation.

Therefore, no matter what kind of counter breaking specification, before each start of counter breaking, the operator needs to check the fastening condition and status of all bolts, and if the bolts are loose, they should be tightened in time, so as to ensure that all counter breaking specifications can operate normally. As we all know, the working time of the crushing plant is relatively long, and the operators are excellent to comprehensively check the motor and lubrication of the crushing plant every week, find out the problems and solve them in time, so as to avoid them turning into big problems.

No matter which type of impact hammer is used, when the plate hammer reaches a certain limit, it needs to be replaced with a new one. The user should choose the original type of hammer. In addition, when replacing or assembling the hammer, the balance of the middle rotor should be ensured. If the rotor is unbalanced, it will cause serious consequences to the production. In addition, after the plate hammer is worn to a certain extent, no matter what kind of impact breaking model, it is necessary to replace the plate hammer in time to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the equipment. The operators in the gravel plant should pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface and solve the problems in time.

There are so many models of counterattack break in the market that customers are often dazzled by different series of counterattack break when choosing counterattack break. Nevertheless, customers should ultimately choose a suitable counterattack break specification according to the output and index of their production line and learn maintenance work, so as to make their production more efficient.


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