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Specification And Model Of Jaw Crusher And Handling Method Of Overload In Production

Last Update:2020-05-02 20:10:45

In the market, with the wide use of jaw crusher, there are various sizes and models of jaw crusher. Therefore, when the manufacturer purchases jaw crusher, there are many jaw crusher specifications to choose. However, although there are many specifications of jaw crusher, they all have a common problem in production, which is overload. So if the model of different jaw crusher is overloaded in the production process, how to deal with it? Let's take a look.

Although jaw crusher size has many choices in the market, no matter which jaw crusher size, in the working process of jaw crusher, most of the equipment will be overloaded due to human factors. No matter what kind of jaw crusher size, if the jaw crusher is overloaded, it will stop when it is light and break when it is heavy. Therefore, what measures should we take to protect the equipment after the overload of the crusher?

No matter what kind of jaw crusher specification, when the jaw crusher enters into the non crusher object, the crushing force of the equipment will increase, and the role of push plate is very important at this time. It will make the pressure on the working cylinder and the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder appear high and low imbalance, resulting in the instantaneous surge of the oil pressure in the oil cavity of the working cylinder, so that the jaw crusher will be overloaded and shut down. Therefore, we can install throttle valve in any jaw crusher. Through this valve, the action valve can work, and then the hydraulic cylinder can automatically drain oil, limit the very large thrust of the thrust plate, so as to protect the equipment.

Although there are many types of jaw crusher, it is necessary to remove non broken materials in time. There are two ways to do this: first, stop the machine, and then manually remove the non broken materials in the crushing chamber; second, the equipment automatically removes the non broken materials. Because of the very large thrust provided by the working cylinder, the piston moves to the right and retracts, correspondingly, the ore discharge opening of the jaw crusher increases. Because of the engagement of the jaw crusher's mobile jaws, the non broken materials gradually move downward and finally discharge from the ore discharge opening Out. Both of these methods can remove the non broken objects and protect the equipment. Overload phenomenon is not desirable. No matter the majority of users use any jaw crusher model, such phenomenon should be avoided to achieve the desired good results.


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