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Some Tricks To Distinguish The Fake And Inferior Equipment Of Raw Coal Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 11:45:26

Crusher is widely used in today's production. Whether it is mining industry, or hydropower state, building materials, chemical industry and other industries, raw coal crushing equipment can be seen. But for many users, in the face of a variety of crushing machines, they often do not know how to choose. Once they buy fake and inferior products, they may lose a lot. Now let's take a look at the raw coal crusher fake discrimination tips.

First of all, when purchasing raw coal crusher, we need to see the specifications and trademarks of the equipment. Generally speaking, regular manufacturers will mark relevant product information on the equipment to ensure that the equipment is normal. It can be said that the trademark is the representative of the overall production strength of the enterprise. Therefore, when purchasing the equipment, we must pay attention to check the trademark and specification of the raw coal crushing equipment. Generally, the weight, volume and performance of the equipment that fail to meet the standard are all inferior products.

Secondly, when users select crusher equipment, they should also pay attention to check whether all parts of raw coal crusher are flexible. If some operation is not flexible or is loose and stuck, it means that there are some problems in the equipment. The general quality of the crushing machine is not up to standard flexibility is very low, can be easily identified. There are also some potholes or uneven cracks on the surface of the raw coal crusher, which can be seen clearly with the naked eye. These are all inferior products, and must not be purchased.

As long as it is qualified raw coal crushing equipment, it generally has relevant qualification certificate, which is also the witness of quality standard. If there is no qualification certificate when purchasing the equipment, nine out of ten equipment has certain problems and cannot be purchased easily. In addition, qualified raw coal crushers have relevant assembly marks, which are very conspicuous and clearly marked during production inspection.

There are many kinds of raw coal crushing equipment, and there are many manufacturers at present, with different strength. Once they are not careful when purchasing, they will be cheated. Several quick identification methods have been given for the authenticity identification method of the equipment. It is hoped that all users can start from these points when purchasing raw coal crusher, and carry out comprehensive comparative analysis, so that they can buy high-quality, cheap and satisfactory crushing equipment.


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