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Some Problems In Operation Of Sp100x100 Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 23:35:17

When the jaw crusher is working, the main principle is that the power drives the moving jaw to operate, and then the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod at the bottom of the moving jaw run continuously in the counter clockwise direction, and make elliptical movement towards the fixed jaw direction. At the same time, it keeps a certain angle of reciprocating motion with the fixed jaw of sp100x100 jaw crusher, crushing the ore on the moving jaw plate through extrusion and vibration. But in the actual operation, there will inevitably be more or less problems, so what are the problems in the operation of SP-100 * 100 jaw crusher?

In the production process of sp100x100 jaw crusher, if the moving jaw is between 0 ° - 270 °, it is the working stroke, if it is between 270 ° - 360 °, it is the empty stroke, so it is easy to increase the overall consumption of non productive power, and the load will often be too heavy, leading to serious wear of equipment parts. When the ore is sticky and wet, the jaw plate of SP jaw crusher is easy to form material and lead to the blockage of the discharge port, thus affecting the production.

If the ore with smooth surface and special shape is encountered in the production, when the SP-100 * 100 jaw crusher is running, the feeding port of the equipment is easy to continuously eject the ore, so the overall production efficiency will be greatly affected, and even safety production accidents will occur. In the production process, if the ore is flat layered structure, it is easy to form flat strip products in the production process of SP-100 * 100 jaw crusher, which affects the subsequent production demand.

In the production of SP jaw crusher, if the screw fixing the moving jaw plate and the processed material are not matched with each other, it is easy to loose and vibrate, and uneven damage occurs, which will also lead to a serious decline in the overall production efficiency. At the same time, the easily worn parts of sp100x100 jaw crusher will easily loose in varying degrees after a long time of operation, which will also lead to low production efficiency and production accidents.

Sp100x100 jaw crusher has a variety of problems in production. The above details several common problems for you, hoping to attract the attention of users. For all operators, in order to improve the production efficiency of SP-100 * 100 jaw crusher, on the basis of safe and standardized operation of equipment, they should pay attention to daily maintenance measures, and timely carry out relevant maintenance in case of fault and damage, so as to ensure very efficient production.


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