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Some Points For Attention In The Installation Of Ultra Fine High Efficiency Energy Saving Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 14:01:18

At present, efficient energy-saving crusher is widely used, and its application range is also all over the production fields. For many users, after purchasing the equipment, in addition to timely check whether the equipment is damaged during transportation, more carefully read the installation and operation instructions and related precautions, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. So what should be paid attention to when installing the ultra-fine energy-saving crusher?

In the process of energy-saving crusher installation, first of all, operators need to have a basic understanding of the basic structure, working principle and performance of the equipment in advance, and then determine the installation process according to the actual production demand. The installation site is generally equipped with professional lifting equipment. After checking the anchor bolts and anchor bolts of the equipment, it is necessary to use the lifting equipment to conduct fine assembly of the efficient energy-saving crusher. Generally, the deviation of the center position of the reserved holes of the anchor bolts should be less than 10 mm.

Generally, the vibration absorbing material should be filled between the high-efficiency energy-saving crusher and the foundation, so as to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon that the foundation is not firm when the equipment is running, which will affect the operation of the production line. When installing the ultra-fine energy-saving crusher into the machine body, it is necessary to ensure that the machine surface is straight, and there is no ash leakage at the interaction between the foundation surface and the machine body. The foundation bolts of the equipment need to be reinforced and tightened, and there is enough simplification under the foundation part to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

When the motor of energy-saving crusher is installed, it needs to be equipped with special safety drive belt protective cover according to the actual situation to prevent the motor from entering too much dust. For the impact crusher, the gap between the plate hammer and the impact plate generally needs to be adjusted according to the actual work demand. When the adjustment is finished, the sleeve nut shall be tightened in time, so as to effectively prevent the nut from loosening and collision with the plate hammer of the high-efficiency energy-saving crusher in the work.

There are a lot of things to pay attention to during the installation of high-efficiency energy-saving crusher. I believe that you have a detailed understanding through the above trust introduction. It is hoped that all operators can install the equipment in strict accordance with the installation requirements and operate step by step to ensure that there is no risk. Only in this way can the ultra-fine energy-saving crusher give full play to its great working advantages, reduce the failure rate in production, and bring excellent production benefits to the enterprise.


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