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Solution Of Bearing Locking Of Small Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 01:22:09

In the production of small bentonite mill, once the bearing is locked, the grinding roller will not move and the normal operation of the equipment will be affected. So what is the cause of the lock of bentonite mill? How can we solve this situation? Let's follow the dawn of Zhengzhou. First of all, in the process of using the bentonite mill, if there is no regular filling of lubricating oil, or the method of filling oil is not correct, there may be fresh fruits that the lubricating oil can not play the role of lubrication, thus the mill will lock up. Therefore, when adding lubricating oil, attention shall be paid to the selection of qualified and suitable lubricating oil to avoid damage to the bearing. Secondly, when adding grease to the bearings of the bentonite grinder, it is necessary to open the oil filling holes above and below the assembly before adding, and then add oil from the bottom until the grease emerges from the oil holes. And do a good job of sealing bentonite grinder. Thirdly, if the sealing device of the bentonite grinder is worn, dust can easily enter the assembly, thus causing damage to the bearing, which is also the place we need to pay special attention to. When the bearing of bentonite grinder is damaged, we need to replace it, and clean the assembly shell and gland. When installing the bearing, in order to avoid that the bearing is not installed in place. When installing the upper and lower gland, the edge of the gland can be coated with sealant, so as to avoid dust entering the equipment.


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