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Smooth Operation Of Gear Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-11 22:30:59

The tooth crusher mainly uses the high-speed movement between the gear and the tooth plate to generate a large amount of energy. The raw materials can be quickly decomposed under the impact of the gear to form small pieces of raw materials. The impact and friction of the gear and the tooth plate are the driving force of the equipment. The equipment has a simple structure, is very solid, and can maintain a stable running state at all times. The crushing effect of the equipment is very good. After the raw materials are crushed The products can be directly transmitted out through the cavity of the equipment. After the raw materials are processed by the equipment, they can form different size raw material particles, which can be formally formed through the screen.

A large number of raw materials can be put into the toothed crusher at one time. These raw materials can be crushed at the same time. People can use this equipment to improve product output efficiency. The general crushing equipment can only deal with raw materials with smaller particles, while this new crushing equipment can deal with the principle of larger processing particles. The processing efficiency is very high, and the processing cost of the equipment itself is very low It can be widely used in the middle end raw material treatment market and low-end raw material treatment market, which can fully meet the market demand for raw material crushing treatment. The equipment can be used to deal with coal raw materials, sandstone raw materials, etc., which can perfectly deal with these raw materials.

Gear crusher is very light in weight and powerful in handling capacity. The equipment mainly processes various raw materials through the gears on the equipment roller. The equipment is equipped with lining plate, through which raw materials are broken by rotating force in the morning. After entering the cavity of the equipment, the raw materials are meshed by the rotating roller, which makes the materials forced to pass between the two rollers. At the same time, the materials are squeezed, rolled, grinded and cut by the crushing teeth, and the materials begin to break. The broken small particles pass through the gap between the two rollers along the tangent direction of the rotation of the roller and throw them under the machine. The large particles that exceed the gap will continue to be broken into small particles and then discharged. The gear of the equipment will clamp the hammer disc, thus creating a reverse destructive force.


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