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Skillful Operation And Frequent Maintenance

Last Update:2020-05-04 01:30:48

At present, with its excellent performance, impact break has played an important role in various fields, but the wear problem of impact break in the use process is also very serious. The broken material diameter of the equipment is large, and the phenomenon of stone jamming often occurs in the process of crushing. In addition, the long-term crushing work reduces the wear resistance of the machine. Shanghai Shibang's mechanical engineers study and practice from many aspects, such as counter breaking parameters, and develop a complete set of counter breaking operation and maintenance rules to help users use the counter breaking crusher correctly and improve the service life of the crusher.

First of all, select the technical parameters of high-tech anti-collision technology. The impact crusher mainly uses the plate hammer to crush the materials, and the unit pure wear of the plate hammer is in a positive proportion to its linear speed, so it is very important to choose a reasonable linear speed, which can be reduced by about 30% to reduce the wear of the plate hammer. In addition, a reasonable linear velocity requires a proper number of plate hammers to cooperate with it. Multiple crushing chambers can be used to increase the impact times, ensure a good particle size of the finished product and sufficient access space, and avoid the occurrence of stone jamming.

Secondly, increase the wear resistance of plate hammer, improve the utilization rate of plate hammer and reduce the replacement time of plate hammer. This requires that the wear degree of plate hammer in use can be even and comprehensive. High manganese steel is usually used as the impact hammer of Shibang, which has good corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. Suitable for all kinds of medium hard and super hard materials, such as basalt, diabase, biotite, granite, etc. Shibang also creatively adopts the combined impact plate breaking hammer, which only needs to replace the worn parts, the equipment can still be used, and the parts can also be turned up and down, improving the utilization rate of materials by more than 48%. This series of designs all increase the weight of counterattack, indirectly improve the stability of the equipment, and help to reduce self abrasion.

Finally, in the process of using the equipment, good operation habits and regular maintenance can also effectively avoid the occurrence of anti rock breaking. After the new machine has been put into operation for about two weeks, a comprehensive inspection of the machine should be carried out once a month. The motor and lubrication of the equipment shall be comprehensively inspected once a week. Inspection contents shall include fastening of fixed parts, belt drive, bearing seal and electrical switch. Establish regular maintenance and replacement system according to maintenance cycle records of main parts. When the rotor is running, the clearance between the rotor and the reaction lining plate cannot be adjusted.


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