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Simple Working Principle Of Double Gear Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 16:30:28

The advantages of gear crusher are very obvious. Compared with other crushing equipment, this new type of crushing equipment has its own characteristics. Now most of the crushing equipment that people see in factories and enterprises are this new type of crushing equipment. When people operate this new type of crushing equipment, they need to operate according to certain operation instructions, which can ensure that the output of the equipment is very large It can also reflect the high efficiency of the equipment. This new type of equipment is equipped with advanced hydraulic device, which mainly plays a role of insurance. If the ongoing operation cannot be carried out normally, the hydraulic device will stop this operation in time, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the equipment caused by iron raw materials and affect the normal construction process.

The double gear crusher has two gears. Users can have more choices when using this equipment. It can completely crush raw materials and obtain larger particle size. The equipment itself has many obvious advantages. When using the equipment, people must fully grasp these advantages to expand these advantages to a very large extent. First of all, people need to pay attention to the selection of raw materials. The humidity of raw materials is not high It can be too big. Otherwise, adhesion may be formed in the crushing chamber, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment. In case of blockage or adhesion during operation, stop the vehicle immediately for inspection. At the same time, it is necessary to check the parts of the double gear crusher in time and add lubricating oil in time to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.

The working principle of the gear crusher is very simple. After the two gear rollers of the equipment are fixed, the equipment can be operated normally. No other preparatory work is needed. First, the raw materials need to be classified. The classification is for more efficient crushing of raw materials. Now, the raw materials that are easy to be broken can be placed in the machine to be broken. After the machine is fully running, the raw materials with hard surface can be broken In the disaster prevention equipment, the crushing of these two raw materials can be completed at the same time.


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