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Simple Structure Of Coke Crushing Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-12 04:05:41

The equipment mainly uses rotors to crush coke. Generally, each equipment has two rotors. These two rotors can operate at the same time to cut and crush coke raw materials. Compared with other crushing equipment, the coke crusher has no screening parts, which means that the equipment cannot screen coke raw materials. The equipment has very low requirements for raw material humidity, even if it is very humid Raw materials can also be cut and broken by equipment without equipment blockage. People can freely adjust the size of raw materials by using the equipment. People just need to adjust the length of the gap between hammers. If it is a general equipment, it is easy to cause blockage because raw materials are stored in the crushing cavity for a long time, resulting in excessive wear and tear of equipment parts, which can not be used This will not happen with this new type of equipment. The unique structure design of the equipment can avoid blocking and excessive wear of the equipment.

Coke crushing equipment has good adaptability, so it is widely used in brick and tile factories. It is mainly used for crushing shale, cinder and other building materials garbage, turning these wastes into usable raw materials. The equipment can provide continuous materials for brick factories. These materials can be used as additives and fuels. Now many brick factories use coal The equipment can provide important auxiliary materials for brick production.

The equipment can be used for the processing of various raw materials, which mainly include coal gangue, slag, limestone, coke, square aluminum ore, rhombic iron ore, zinc ore, limonite, etc. These ore materials can be processed by the equipment and processed into various auxiliary materials, which can be used by the factory and enterprises to produce products. The equipment has certain requirements for the compressive performance of raw materials. The products produced by the equipment have very small particle size and are good at handling raw materials with high moisture content. The coke crushing machine is mainly used in power generation, chemical industry, mineral mining, aluminum smelting, machinery, ore selection and other industries.


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