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Simple Operation Of Chemical Raw Material Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 03:00:09

The working principle of chemical crusher is very simple. It mainly uses the interaction between fixed gear and movable gear. The hammer of the equipment will impact and knock the incoming raw materials. The raw materials will also collide and decompose after collision. The raw materials will go through a crushing process after entering the cavity surface of the equipment. The equipment is equipped with a special screen, which is very flexible. If people think it is unnecessary, they can remove the screen from the equipment. If they use it, they can assemble the screen to the equipment, which is very flexible. The previous equipment did not have the part of screen at all, resulting in many functions not working normally.

The screen on the chemical crusher is mainly used to filter very small powder like raw materials. The powder like raw materials will directly enter the raw material barrel through the screen, and the powder floating on the barrel surface will directly enter the filter bag through the dust removal equipment, so that all the particles in the air can be removed, so as to avoid the harm of these dust particles to people's bodies.

In the process of using the chemical raw material crusher, there are some precautions that need to be paid special attention to. First of all, the problem of equipment power supply. People need to assemble open circuit parts for the equipment before the formal operation of the equipment, mainly to prevent excessive current from causing damage to the machine. If the current in the machine is detected to be very large, the open circuit device will automatically cut off the power. The particle size of the crushed material should not be too large. If the machine is blocked (i.e. the rotation speed of the machine slows down obviously due to excessive load or the machine stops running passively), the power supply should be cut off immediately. If the crushed particles are too large, they should be crushed by the universal crusher, and then crushed by the machine. When the equipment is working, special staff should operate nearby, and pay attention to the operation process of the equipment at all times.


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