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Shenyang Coal Crusher Factory Teaches You How To Remove Rust

Last Update:2020-05-07 07:06:19

In winter, Shenyang has a lot of cold snowfall, so the crusher can not be used normally in cold weather, so it can only be stored. Due to the long-term non use of Shenyang Coal Crusher and the increase of rainy and snowy weather, it is easy to cause equipment rust and affect the quality of equipment. The rusting of crusher can cause the equipment to stop production, reduce production, increase maintenance cost, etc., so the derusting work is very important. Shenyang crusher factory teaches you how to remove rust from your equipment.

The impact and prying action of high pressure water jet can effectively remove the corrosion and coating on Shenyang coal crusher. The advantages of this method are: it will not cause dust pollution, will not damage the steel plate, can remove large areas of rust spots, and the rust removal effect and quality are very good. The manufacturer of Shenyang crusher said that there are some disadvantages in this way of derusting. The cleaned steel plate is easy to rust again. If the special paint with wet derusting is applied, it can prevent the steel plate from rusting again.

Chemical derusting. This kind of derusting method mainly uses the chemical reaction between acid and metal oxide to remove the rust spots on the Shenyang coal crusher, which is also a common derusting method. Chemical agent derusting is the acid cleaning method commonly used. This method can only be operated in the crushing locomotive room. Shenyang crusher factory said that because this method is simple and effective, it is favored by many users, and has chosen this method to remove rust spots on the equipment. For users, the excellent way to remove rust is to prevent equipment from rusting. The following is the way to prevent equipment from rusting.

Before storage of Shenyang coal crusher, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, check the painting of the equipment, and repair according to the actual situation. Remove all preservatives from the surface of the equipment, and ensure that the contact surface between the flywheel and the shaft is coated with preservatives. When storing the crusher, do not let it touch the ground. The manufacturer of Shenyang crusher suggests that the user should run the crusher every month for at least five minutes.

Rust spot is very harmful to Shenyang coal crusher, so users must do a good job of rust prevention before equipment storage. If the equipment is rusty, it is necessary to do a good job in derusting to prevent the equipment from affecting production and reducing service life due to rust spots. Shenyang crusher manufacturers hope that each crusher user can do the above rust prevention work.


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