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Shanxi Pucheng Crusher Manufacturer Explains The Factors That Cannot Be Ignored In The Production Process Of The Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-01 23:56:05

At present, the crusher is widely used. For many users, in addition to mastering the basic operation methods and maintenance skills of Pucheng crusher in Shaanxi Province, they need to pay more attention to some supervision matters in the use of the equipment. Once a fault is found, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair in time to prevent a huge impact on the whole production line. Now let's invite Shaanxi crusher manufacturer to introduce several fatal factors of the equipment in detail.

According to Shaanxi crusher manufacturer, for many crushers, the adjustment of rotation number and meshing angle is very important, which is related to the production efficiency and service life of the equipment, and cannot be ignored. The number of revolutions here mainly refers to the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft of the equipment. In the production process of Pucheng crusher in Shaanxi Province, there must be a more appropriate revolution. Only when the revolution is guaranteed, can the production efficiency be very large. If the revolution is too large, the materials in the crushing chamber of the equipment will be piled up before they are broken, which will block the crushing chamber and seriously affect the normal production; if the revolution is too small, the production efficiency will not go up, which will also affect the normal working process. Therefore, proper adjustment of the number of turns of crusher can improve its overall production efficiency, but also increase the energy consumption and power consumption per unit time.

The meshing angle of Shaanxi crusher actually refers to the angle between the fixed jaw and the moving jaw. If the meshing angle is too large, when the equipment is working, the materials in the crushing chamber will be constantly squeezed to the top and fly out, causing equipment and personnel injuries, and the consequences will be very serious. However, with the increase of meshing angle of Pucheng crusher in Shaanxi Province, its overall productivity will also decline. Therefore, in the ordinary production process, the size of the ore discharge outlet is generally adjusted, and then the size of the mesh angle of the crusher is gradually changed. The specific size should be adjusted in combination with the actual production demand, and can not be blindly adjusted.


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