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Shantou Crusher Manufacturers Analyze The Causes Of Crusher Looseness

Last Update:2020-05-11 17:24:39

Shantou, as a fast-growing city, has a lot of crusher manufacturers, and the crusher technology is also developing rapidly. There are many types of crushers, among which the concrete crusher is more commonly used. The construction of modern infrastructure is inseparable from concrete, which is an important material of civil engineering. Although the concrete forming process is very simple, without concrete crusher equipment, it will be a large project. After the crusher is used, if the equipment is not fully and carefully repaired in time, the equipment is easy to loose in the production process. Next, Shantou crusher factory will teach you how to deal with the looseness of the equipment?

First of all, in the production process of Shantou crusher, there will be all kinds of failures, which may be caused by the wear of long-term use parts of the equipment, or the loosening of screws between the equipment, which will not only reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, the smooth production of the equipment, affect the final output of the equipment, but also benefit the enterprise Damage. Therefore, users or operators must pay attention to the adjustment of the support sleeve of the equipment and whether the thread of the adjustment sleeve is tightened, and whether it will be loose.

Secondly, in the process of crusher operation, the ore discharge port will be too small or too large, which will also lead to unnecessary loosening of equipment. At this time, the user must adjust the size of the ore discharge port according to the actual production demand in order to avoid loosening the operator. In addition, when Shantou crusher is in crushing, when the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are relatively thick, it will also cause the crusher equipment to loose in operation. The user should choose the appropriate thickness of the broken wall and the rolling mortar wall to prevent the equipment from loosening, which has a great impact on the production. There are many reasons for the looseness of parts in the equipment. We must pay attention to avoid the influence and loss caused by looseness in the production process.

Shantou crusher manufacturer pointed out that there are many reasons for crusher failure, among which the loosening of equipment is a big reason. Don't look down on a screw, it is likely to stop the operation of the user's equipment. So in order to avoid these looseness, Shantou crusher daily maintenance, daily inspection and maintenance is very important, do not feel trouble, because of small loss.


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