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Shanghai Jaw Crusher Manufacturers Carry Out Summer Heatstroke Prevention Knowledge And Skills Training

Last Update:2020-05-02 15:24:11

The product quality and production safety of jawbone crusher have always been the theme that Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher always emphasizes. Since July, the hot summer and high temperature have made people feel extremely uncomfortable, but the production has to continue. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of the first-line production personnel, publicize the knowledge of heatstroke prevention and take heatstroke prevention measures, Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher factory is taking action.

In early July 2014, the hot weather seemed to make it difficult to breathe. At this time, the jaw crusher manufacturer Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher factory launched a training on summer heatstroke knowledge. This training introduced various methods and measures to prevent heatstroke, and combined with specific cases, deepened the knowledge of heatstroke prevention of Shanghai jaw crusher workers, and thoroughly strengthened everyone's awareness of heatstroke prevention, so as to solve the problem of heatstroke from personal awareness first.

At the same time, in order to do a better job of heatstroke prevention, the jaw crusher manufacturer Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher factory actively adjusted the logistics work, and put the practical heatstroke prevention work on the agenda in summer. In the specified area of the workshop, delicious mung bean soup was brewed for the workers of Shanghai jaw crusher to realize uninterrupted supply throughout the day, and at the same time, sufficient fruits were provided for everyone to further cool down and prevent heatstroke. In order to deal with sudden heatstroke, Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher factory has purchased sufficient heatstroke prevention drugs for everyone at the same time. Once anyone is found to have heatstroke, the front-line time should do a good job in emergency treatment. At the same time, we will emphasize heatstroke prevention every day in the morning production meeting.

In order to better serve customers and solve the problems encountered by customers in the use of Shanghai jaw crusher, Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher has set up a regular return visit mechanism. After the equipment is sold, we will visit the customer's site every other period of time to check the operation status and finished product quality of the equipment. In addition, Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher factory said: in the future, the jaw crusher manufacturers will continue to adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and excellence, put the R & D innovation and management and operation mode of Shanghai jaw crusher on the work schedule, and carry out comprehensive reform. I believe that through unremitting efforts, the future of Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher will be more brilliant, and will bring greater improvement to jaw crusher industry.


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